Educational programs

The first in a series of educational programs

 The first in a series of educational programs for autistic children in the 6 CD set design. Also, for better performance and sharpness of images and animation programs have been used.

Read about each CD in the collection of the information provided.

CD 1:
Since the major problem autistic children in attention, concentration and skills are imitation, in the CD program to fix this problem set that includes plans to strengthen attention, concentration and hand-eye coordination, imitation skills , for subtle skills, classification Vdsth is classified. To improve attention, concentration items such as looking at me, looking for a Nvrchragh faculty, placement puzzle ... and the imitation items such as imitation gross motor skills, fine motor imitation, etc. are not included. In the case of subtle skills, to strengthen the facial muscles and the muscles of speech, and programs such as feet, moving language, etc. are included.
Classification and sorting, as well as programs related to compliance on the part of the shape, color, size and so on.

CD 2:
This CD includes programs related to the self-help skills. This includes teaching skills such as making and wearing clothes, toilet and all programs to independence and personal tasks.
Cognitive concepts in the education sector, education, knowledge and understanding of basic concepts surroundings, fruits and aims to raise children's cognition included.

CD 3:
Vdbstany prepare preschool teaching math concepts. Gross motor skills is another program that the CD has been addressed, this section includes programs such as jumping pairs of legs, volleyball and more.
 In the fine motor skills programs to strengthen the fingers, wrist and is designed to be short, they are: Pbychandn in the bottle, goals and ...

CD 4:
Where on this CD are planned:


پنجشنبه، 1 مهر 1395

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